Calico Racing was born on a 15 mile run at Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas. Recently back from a fantastic ultramarathon and vacation up in Moab I felt completely at peace surrounded by the serenity of the canyons. Though thoughts of putting on races in Las Vegas' beautiful places had crossed my mind for years, this would be the day I put that dream into motion.

Since I started racing in 2002 I always found myself attracted to doing new events each year- it's the wanderlust Sagittarian in me. To date, there are only 2 events that I have done more than once, and that was more of a logistical choice. Now, with 99 marathons in all 50 states, 8 Ironman triathlons,  13 ultramarathons (including Comrades and 2 x 100 milers), a 250K self supported 7 day stage race; and crew/ pacing for Badwater five times, as well as racing and volunteering numerous short course events all on different courses, I have come to consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of running and triathlon events. (I realize to many of you ultrarunners out there reading this, that may seem like a year's worth of racing!)

With each event I attended I was taking note of things that made the race a success, and what needed improvement. My vision is to channel all of that into events not soon forgotten. I'd love to hear from you too! If you have any suggestions, requests, or general observations- shoot me an email at info@calicoracing.com and I'll see if we can make it happen.

Calico Racing's name was inspired by nature. The term "calico" is used throughout the desert southwest quite frequently; ie Calico Basin, Calico Ridge, Calico Hills, Calico Tanks, the Ghost Town of Calico. Like the furry coat of a calico cat, a mix of orange, black, white, beige, and red is mixed together in a random and sometimes spotted pattern. Much like the colors of sandstone and how the cacti covered lands can appear spotted in nature. Considering I have a calico kitty named Madison (after my first Ironman in Madison, WI) and another kitty Gracie who I can't leave out- I was sold on the name Calico Racing!

Born out of serenity, inspired by nature- Calico Racing promises to bring to you events that work in harmony with nature, challenge you in creative ways, and offer a personal touch not possible in mass production races. Calico Racing; Events by a runner, for runners.

Thanks for visiting- looking forward to seeing you out on course!

Joyce Forier