Spectators are an important part of any race- they give you that boost of energy when you need it most, encourage you when you're feeling low, and can pep you up to fly into the finish line!

Calico Racing wants you and your spectators to have a fun and safe experience, while minimizing the congestion for casual park users.

I ask that you PLEASE have your spectators adhere to these offered services, as this is CRUCIAL in determining the renewal of my permit for next year.


Bus transportation is available for spectators, as provided for the runners. Runners and spectators all catch the bus at the same location (Main FREE location is at Suncoast Hotel & Casino located at 9090 Alta Drive/ Las Vegas, NV 89145; OR available from THE STRIP- SEE BELOW). Buses will run on a rotation to get everyone to their start lines.

Bus transportation FROM THE STRIP is available for runners and spectators for $30 rt/pp. Pick up location is at Bally's Hotel and Casino on the Flamingo side. This is a central Strip location within walking distance from many Strip hotels or a couple of dollars taxi ride. Race morning bus DEPARTS at 4:30am for marathoners and their spectators; 5:15am for 1/2 marathoners and their spectators; and 6am for 5K Runners and their spectators. Post race STRIP return to the same location is at APPROX 9am, 10:00am, 11am, 11:30am  & 1:15pm. Slight changes may be made to these times.

When loading the buses on race morning, marathoners (6am start), then 1/2 marathoners (6:45am start), then 5K runners (7:30am start), then spectators will have priority when boarding the buses. Please have your spectators be respectful of your fellow runners when boarding the buses and use of port-a-potties. You may have your spectator drop you off at your start line, then have them proceed to the busing area. This will alleviate demand on the buses and ensure smooth sailing on race day.

I ask that spectators allow ALL runners be transported first for an on time race. I anticipate all runners having been transported to their start lines by 7am, at which time spectators will start boarding the bus. Only if a bus is about to roll with an empty seat- and no runner is waiting, can a spectator go first. Buses continue to run on a rotation. **Please, no spectators to the 1/2 Marathon start line**


**7am- 8am** Spectator Buses from the main FREE lot at Suncoast Hotel & Casino to the Finish Line only

**8am- 9:15am: NO BUSES Running Spectators

**9:15am** Final Spectator Bus from the main FREE lot at Suncoast Hotel & Casino TO the FINISH LINE only.

As with runners, spectators will be bused back to their cars after the race. Buses will run on a rotation when demand dictates.

*Also note* There are no concessions at the park, and race provided food and beverages are for registered athletes only. Spectators should come prepared to be self sufficient with food and water.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is FREE to spectators. Calico Racing is paying for their entry into the fee area park. YES- this means it is very important that you please make use of this service.

The only way I will knowingly give the go ahead for a spectator to drive their own vehicle is if they are willing to volunteer for a portion of the race. Contact me at info@calicoracing.com for details.

Thank you for your cooperation!