CONTRACTED BUS SERVICE ~ the best way to travel! Las Vegas pick up/ drop off will be at the 2015 Host Hotel TBD

Alternative to driving:  There will be contracted transportation from Las Vegas available for an additional cost of $30. This will cover round trip transportation to/ from the race's start and finish. This will save a total of roughly 350 mile of driving and $50+ of gas. Plus of course you can get into the Alien spirit of things swapping stories with other runners! Buses will pick up and return to the host hotel, the (TBD for 2015) HARD ROCK HOTEL located at 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Buses are comfortable coach buses with a toilet and will load and be ready to depart at 8:45pm (8/29) from Las Vegas. Use the self parking garage off of Paradise Road (TBD). Buses will return from Rachel as a full bus of runners is ready following the event.


The start line for the marathon is the "Black Mailbox" (which is actually white) which is 20 miles west from the junction of 93 and 375 (the Extraterrestrial Highway). There is ample parking. This is the gathering place for the marathon, 51K, and 1/2 Marathon races; and the start line for the marathon and 51K. If you are running the 1/2 marathon, ALL 1/2 Marathoners will be transported to your start lines. 10K and 5K runners from the contracted bus will stop at the Black Mailbox first, then be transported to your start line. If you are running the 10K or 5K and driving yourself, please go directly to the Little A'Le'Inn. The finish line for all 5 races is the Little A'le'Inn which is located in the town of Rachel, and 20 miles further west along the ET Highway. Transportation will be provided back to your cars at the "Black Mailbox" start area.

** There is NO GAS in Rachel. Get gas in Alamo or Ash Springs!

**Note for 10K and 5K runners driving themselves~ Contracted police troopers have been instructed to HOLD all traffic at 11:55pm at the Black Mailbox. This will allow for a clear start for the marathoners and 51K runners. Contracted buses will then depart at 12:05am for the 1/2 marathon start line. It is HIGHLY ADVISED that you plan on passing the Black Mailbox no later than 11:45pm en route to your start line, to ensure that you do not get stuck in traffic. This will get you to your start line by about 12:10am.  If you get stuck behind the buses and the other race starts you may not make it to your start on time. You have been warned- so please plan accordingly.

From Las Vegas to the start line:

I-15 North to 93 North/ West, exit 64. Along 93 pass the towns of Alamo and Ash Springs. Go LEFT on Highway 318 and veer LEFT onto Highway 375 (the Extraterrestrial Highway) heading West/ North. The "Black Mailbox" start line is 20 miles west of the junction of 93 and 375. The Little A'le'Inn is another 20 miles further. Approx. 2- 2.5 hours drive.

From Southern Utah to the Start line:

I-15 South to 93 North/ West. Follow directions "from Las Vegas" above.

From Salt Lake City and Northern Utah areas to the Start line:

I-15 South to Rt. 6 South/ West to Rt. 93 South to Highway 318 heading West. Veer LEFT onto the Extraterrestrial Highway (375) West. Follow directions "from Las Vegas" above.