Majestically framing the west side of the valley, Red Rock Canyon is the most notable natural treasure in the Las Vegas area. Federally designated as a Backcountry Scenic Byway, the 13 mile paved scenic drive traverses some of the Mojave Desert's most stunning vistas. Sandstone formations, desert vegetation, and wildlife bring this place to life and will change yours forever. The birthplace of Calico Racing- it was here on a 15 mile run that I saw my life with such clarity that I decided to launch a company that would be true to my most fundamental values. As the miles ticked by I was glowing with the myriad of ideas for race venues.Deliberating over a name, there were many versions...until I passedthe Calico Hills trailhead. SOLD! Calico Racing was born and the sandstone colors dictated the company logo.

Every March since 2008, Calico Racing hosts the Red Rock Canyon Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Each year, one of my favorite parts of the race is going out to Red Rock Canyon at night to drop the aid stations and mile markers. The omnipresence of the surrounding canyon under the moonlit stary night is magical! Joshua trees dance in the shadows and the neon lights of Las Vegas can be seen in the distance from the Scenic Summit Overlook.

As you arrive at Red Rock Canyon you'll enjoy the stunning sunset while you prepare yourself to race. Just as the Scenic Drive closes to casual users, the race is off- and you'll enjoy a peaceful, enchanted late summer evening run.

1/2 MARATHON COURSE- 8pm start

The 1/2 Marathon course starts at the Visitors Center (elevation approx 3740 feet), roughly 2.5 miles from the finish line at the Exit of the scenic drive. You'll run a complete loop around the Visitors Center before joining up with the paved scenic drive. You'll run with traffic climbing to the summit overlook (4771' elevation) by mile 5.3. The course continues over downhill, flat and rolling terrain where you can pick up the pace to the finish line at the EXIT of the scenic drive.


5K COURSE- *8:45pm start* New for 2014

The 5K course starts at the EXIT of the paved scenic drive at roughly 3800' elevation. Runners will run against traffic 1.55 miles to their turn around; retrace their steps and return to the finish line at the EXIT of the scenic drive.

* All runners are REQUIRED to wear reflective clothing (front and back) AND carry a handheld flashlight or wear a headlamp.

** The Scenic Drive will be closed to casual users, however there WILL still be limited traffic on the road (volunteers, event buses, course support, park rangers, and late exiting hikers/ climbers. You are required to stay to the inside edge of the loop and remain alert for any traffic.

** Calico Racing reserves the right to make any necessary course changes required per the permitting body and is subject to final permit approval.

**** There is NO EVENT PARKING at Red Rock Canyon! All runners will be complementarily bused to their start lines and back to their cars after the race.