Dry clothes bags: Yes, you may have a dry clothes bag. Use your own bag and clearly mark it with your name. ALL marathon, 51K, and 1/2 marathon bags should be LEFT ON THE BUS, in the baggage bays below. They will be transported to the finish line for you where a volunteer will remove them at the Little A'le'Inn finish line and lay them out on a tarp. Buses and tarps will be numbered corresponding to each other, so that bags from bus #3 are laid out on tarp #3. These will not be guarded so we are not responsible for lost belongings, so no valuables please. If you are driving yourself to the marathon, 51K or half marathon start, you may place your dry clothes bag on any of the buses and it will be transported for you to the finish line- note the bus number.

10K and 5K Runners from the contracted bus from Las Vegas should keep their bag with them until they reach the Little A'le' Inn- their start line and finish line of all races. There, you can place your bag in the baggage bays below the bus, as above, noting your bus number. 10K and 5K runners driving themselves can either place their bags on the tarps directly or keep it in your vehicle. Parking is very close by.