Located 2- 2.5 hours north of Las Vegas, the Extraterrestrial Highway is a 98 mile stretch of highway from Rt. 93 to Rt. 6. The town of Rachel is 40 miles west from the junction of Rt. 93 and 375, and is the hub of the ET Highway. The main attraction in Rachel is the "Little A'le'Inn" restaurant and motel, which is also the races' finish line.

Nearby the ET Highway is the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge which encompasses Upper Lake, Middle Pond, and Lower Lake which are home to and habitat for a variety of birds. Pintail, teal, mallard, and redhead ducks; great blue herons, egrets, red-tail hawks, marsh hawks, orioles, and many others call this refuge home. The upland desert houses  Gambel's quail, roadrunners, sparrow, kit fox and a few coyotes. Camping sites are available.

Of course all of this can be accessed using Las Vegas, NV as a base.

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