Aid Stations will be available at the miles splits listed below. ALL aid stations will have WATER and Hammer HEED (electrolyte drink; various flavors) available in cups, though refill of water bottles is available to minimize waste.

Certain Aid Stations will be considered *ULTRA* aid stations and will have the full spread of provisions to include: WATER, Hammer HEED, Hammer Endurolytes (electrolyte pills) bananas, oranges, Hammer Gel (various flavors), salty snacks, sweet snacks, basic first aid (EMS Ambulance is onsite the entire event dispatched out of the Exit of the scenic drive) and portable toilet.


           Cumulative Mile        Elapsed Distance       Approx. Location

  1.    1.8                              1.8                            Calico 1
  2.    3.2                              1.4                            Calico 2 
  3.    4.3                              1.1                            By BLM Milepost 4
  4.    5.3  *ULTRA*              1.0                            Summit Overlook
  5.    6.4                              1.1                            White Rock
  6.    7.6                              1.2                            The Wall
  7.    8.6                              1.0                            Ice Box Canyon
  8.    9.6  *ULTRA*              1.0                            Red Rock Wash Overlook
  9.   10.9                             1.3                            By Pine Creek
  10.   12.5                             1.6                            Wash by Oak Creek
  11.   13.1                             0.6                            Finish Line


5K AID STATIONS, approximate locations

         Cumulative Mile        Elapsed Distance         Approx. Location

  1.    0.7                             0.7                             Wash by Oak Creek
  2.    2.4                             1.7                             Wash by Oak Creek
  3.    3.1                             0.7                             Finish Line

Please use the trash cans provided and keep our treasure clean!

DRY CLOTHES BAGS: A location will be provided near the start line for you to drop your bag of warm up clothes and post race provisions. Please use your own bag and label it with your name and bib number. Do not include any valuables!! Bags will be transported to the finish line for you.