• You are allowed a drop bag to be located at the "Home Base" aid station. You will access this same bag at miles 13.1, 26.2, and 39.3
  • You may have a pacer begining at mile 39.3- see below
  • 12 Hour Cut Off
  • You will weigh in on race morning at the start line. However, unlike Running with the Devil in June, there is no required on course weigh ins. Scales will be located every 6.55 miles, one at the far end aid station and one at the Home Base aid station if you wish to self monitor. Please note however that if a volunteer, race official, or contracted RN, EMS, or sag volunteer feels it necessary they have the authority to required you to be weighed in and potentially pulled from the course for your safety.
  • Due to the placement of the aid stations along this new course, you are no longer required to carry 20+ ounces of water, HOWEVER it is highly encouraged, especially after mile 13.1. *I sugest keeping your bottle in your drop bag and grabbing it in your later miles once it warms up.*



Runners in the 50 Miler only may have a pacer and/or crew abiding by the following rules only:

  • Pacers may join the runner on foot only after mile 39.3 (a.k.a. "Homebase" start/ finish line)
  • One pacer per runner at any given time. You can have 10 pacers, all doing 1 mile each; but only 1 at a time.
  • Pacers must be self sufficient with their own water, food, supplies- taking no aid station provisions.
  • Pacers may NOT run ahead to the aid station to speed the process for the runner. Medical emergency is the only exception.
  • Pacers are for SAFETY only, and should in no way give an advantage to their runner over a runner without crew.
  • Pacers and Crew must keep a watchful eye over ALL runners, lending a hand to any runner in medical need.
  • No dogs, jog strollers, or bicycles to aid in pacing duties are allowed.
  • Crews must abide by all posted traffic laws, ranger and course marshall instructions. Parking in designated areas only.
  • Crews can not provide additional aid to the runner. Runners must rely on the race aid stations and drop bags. Medical emergency is the only exception.
  • Pacers are there for moral support and medical watchful eyes ONLY.
  • As a general rule of thumb: anything that will give an added advantage to one runner over another by way of having crew/pacer is not permissable.
  • Crews/ pacers should absolutely consider volunteering for a committed volunteer assignment during the race. This could be at an aid station, at the start/ finish line, etc. Email me for info: info@calicoracing.com